Tea Urchin -Luo Shui Dong: Autumn 2011-


I have now had two sessions with this tea –Luo Shui Dong: Autumn 2011– of which a sample was kindly forwarded by EugeneTea Urchin.

Both sessions found the mellow nature of this tea present, with a hint of bitterness following at the back of the mouth -a punctuation mark. The tea possesses a rounded sweetness, which is a characteristic I enjoy. It is present throughout my mouth, particularly around the upper palate and gum area, and is lasting. (My enjoyment of teas with a sweet profile is assuredly a hangover from the days when pastries were never far from me. My sweet tooth is such that I once downed a full dozen Pierre Hermé macaron on a flight home from Paris.)

During this recent session there was a stronger awareness of floral notes than I remember from the initial round of steepings, though they were definitely present. Letting my mind wander off, I kept relating it to the floral profile of a recent Wenshan Baozhong. I am certain that this is the tea speaking, but I still question it due to the lingering memory of that particular experience.

The tea feels active in my head… not in a brutish manner, more flirtatious. On both occasions, my body relaxes greatly with this tea as it sinks into me.

My mouth is still salivating a good 45 minutes after the last steeping as I type this down.

A very enjoyable experience from a recent Tea Urchin tea.

(steeping listening: Air Texture Volume 1 – selection by bvdub)