Forthcoming review: Tea Urchin -Luo Shui Dong 2011: Autumn-

I know, I know, “another tea blogger”. I’m certain you must be saying this to yourself as you log on/stumble across/link in to this site. However, please do hesitate long enough before clicking back or away to read a post or two, and even comment; and share in the conversation of what is assuredly one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences out there, tea.

I do feel that each individual viewpoint is important to the discourse regarding the varied aspects of tea culture -and I say this not only because I am starting this blog. There is a substantially greater area of grey when it comes to taste and preference than it may seem at times out there in the cyber world. I have learned this, sometimes the hard way, in my 40 plus years of breads, pastries, chocolates, and now teas.

My interest is to engage in this constructive dialogue via this site with others who share my passion for tea culture. I can only hope that my viewpoints are varied, and/or entertaining enough, to keep you reading while I provide one of the various shades of this discussion.

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